Lose Fat in One Week, MMA Routine

How to lose fat fast, preferably in one week, and still be able to achieve results, is always a good subject. MMA fighters are using various weight loss regimes to lose a lot of weight in just few days before the fight. Mostly these methods include starvation as well as minimizing fluid intake. This can sometime result in lack of energy for the fight as such methods and sudden weight loss can be a big shock for the body.

These fast fat loss tips that I’m will give you in this article are actually a healthy way of losing weigh fast. The program will allow you to eat without time and quantity restrictions but there will be restrictions on what you can eat. To achieve maximum result without big stress to your body, allow yourself four weeks for this MMA routine.

Part One

This week, or whenever you wish to start, it will be a no carbs, low fat and high protein routine. You can eat as much protein as you like and whenever you like. But don’t exaggerate. You should not be consuming more calories then what your body needs. Too much protein can still turn into fat.

In first two days of eating only protein you will feel tired and without energy. Don’t give up, your body will adjust and start creating glucose (energy) from stored fat, consequently losing weight. Your energy levels will rise to normal or even higher level on a third day, if not already on a second day.

Try to eat 4 to 8 meals a day. Proteins take longer to digest so having a small meal every few hours will be better and more consistent source of energy than having three big meals and three big bursts of energy. If you follow these tips you will be on the right track to fast fat loss.

What to Eat?

There are few ground rules to this fat loss routine – eat anything on the list in any combination at any time of the day, everything else is forbidden, just for this week.

1. Lean meats: beef (except ribs and rib eye), veal roasted or grilled without fat or oil
2. All poultry, except duck and goose, but no skin
3. All fish, white, lean oily, cooked or raw
4. All shellfish
5. Low fat ham, sliced low fat pork and chicken
6. At least two to four litres of water a day depending on your size
7. Eggs
8. Non fat dairy products
9. One and a half tablespoons of oat bran added to milk or a dairy product or in an omelette
10. Compulsory training or min 20 – 30 min walks (if you feel tired in first two days, don’t overdo it with trainings, rather go for a walk. You should be ready for a full on martial arts training by third day)
11. Extras: tea, vinegar, coffee, spices, flavourings, herbs, pickles, lemon ( not lemonade), salt and mustard (in moderation)

When you look at the list of allowed food, you will note that this fat lossMMA routine has lots of foods that you can eat, so you should find your winning combination very easy. Quick tip – concentrate on food that you can eat, not on the one you can’t!